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Dr Kevin Hartwig

I am proud to nominate Dr. Kevin Hartwig for his leadership and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic that so significantly impacted our community and Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital. Dr. Hartwig is an anesthesiologist and the anesthesia service line Medical Director at Mercy Fairfield. During the pandemic, his clinical expertise was paramount to our facility's success in responding to the pandemic and delivering critically needed patient care to our patients. During a period of tremendous uncertainly, Dr. Hartwig displayed both initiative and courage by pioneering the development of an "intubation team" to meet the ever-expanding clinical needs of our surging patient populations requiring intubation. He also worked on a regional-level to reverse-engineer anesthesia machines, potentially utilizing them as ventilators to ensure we had enough to meet the surging patient demand. Lastly, he graciously volunteered to serve as the de facto chair of the ad hoc surgical governance committee for Mercy Fairfield, representing the medical staff and coordinating pre-procedural COVID testing and determining surgical case criticality. Such actions ensured compliance with state governmental mandates and the preservation of critically needed personal protective equipment (PPE). Dr. Kevin Hartwig's actions and leadership during the pandemic were nothing sort of heroic and awe-inspiring. He is a testament to his profession and it was an honor to work alongside him throughout Mercy Fairfield's pandemic respons

Matthews Dameron, BSN
This past year as we worked to care for the COVID patient population Matt Dameron not only used his expert skills ; he also taught and mentored the staff on 5C to be able to care for this population. The hospital was able to make all rooms negative pressure and the challenge was to create a nursing team to care for the patients. The 5C team and ICU team collaborated to provide care quickly to the influx of very sick patients requiring critical respiratory care. Matt volunteered to work this floor and help with creating a plan on educating staff. He is a great leader, teacher, mentor and nurse.


Mary Alcorn

Mary joined the Fire Corps Program in 2015. Since joining she has continued to participate actively. She has taken on the role of "Sparky" the Fire Dog. She has really made the mascot duty her responsibility. She makes time to attend numerous events as "Sparky" and does such a terrific job of interacting with the kids. She has also been our Easter Bunny as well.

Jeff Vater
Jeff Vater joined the Fairfield Fire Department in January of 2016 as a part-time employee, where he still currently serves the department and the City as a firefighter/paramedic. He is also full-time with the Cincinnati Fire Department, where he has served as a firefighter/paramedic since 2014. Even though Jeff works part-time for the department, he still contributes on a regular basis. He has completed all the of the rigorous training required by the department to safely drive and operate all the firetrucks and medic units, an accomplishment shared by only a handful of other part-time employees. He has also completed the steps to be cleared to function as a part-time paramedic, a feat accomplished by only 6 other part-time employees. But perhaps Jeff's greatest contribution in the past year was his actions at a fire that occurred in December of 2020 on Chateau Way. On this night Jeff was filling the role of firefighter on Engine 33 that responded to a fire with reports of a person who was still inside of the building. When Jeff and his crew arrived on scene, they entered the front of the building to try and locate the person, but the growing fire and heat pushed them back out the front door. Upon exiting the front door, Jeff proceeded to the rear of the building while the rest of his crew were busy tending to other firefighters who had just exited the building. Jeff entered the rear door of the building to search the area that they could not search from the front due to the fire. Upon entering the rear door, Jeff found the missing person and drug them out of the burning building and around to the side, where other firefighters and paramedics worked tirelessly to revive the person. Unfortunately, the person succumbed to their injuries at the hospital. In spite of that fact, Jeff's actions gave the person a chance to live by finding them and removing them from the dangerous conditions that were present inside the building.


Greg Bailes

Officer Greg Bailes is a 19-year veteran of the Fairfield Police Department. He has experience as a patrol officer and a detective. Officer Bailes has a deep commitment to the community. Greg and his family founded Broken Bus Ministry in 2013. The organization serves the homeless population of the Greater Cincinnati Area. What began as four people serving food out of their vehicle every Saturday evolved into a larger group of volunteers who provide service to many of the neediest members of our community each weekend. Officer Bailes served as the Board President for Transitional Living, Inc., a local nonprofit with a 37-year history of providing mental health services in Butler County. Officer Bailes' record of service to his community makes him a valuable member of the Fairfield Police Department and our community.

Rob Corner
Rob Corner: Officer Corner is a 22-year veteran of the Fairfield Police Department and previously worked at the Greenhills and Fairfield Township Police Departments. Rob recently retired from the Ohio Army National Guard after 30 years of service. He rose to the rank of Command Sergeant Major and deployed twice to Kosovo and once to Iraq. During his time with the Fairfield Police Department, Officer Corner has been a K9 handler, field training officer, firearms instructor and member of the SWAT team. He currently serves as the school resource officer at Fairfield High School. Officer Corner is a lifelong resident of Fairfield. We appreciate his service to our country and the community.