Gift Planning

You can leave your legacy by providing for Fairfield and Fairfield Township area needs through the Foundation while making sound financial plans for you and your family.

How You Can Help

You can set up a special fund with the Foundation that will help you help others.  You can use almost every type of asset – cash, stock, real estate, artwork – to set up one of the funds listed below.  All you have to do to establish a named fund is to contribute $5,000 or more to the Foundation to be used as you desire.  You may make your gift now or include it as a provision of your estate plans.  A gift through your will or trust can be a very meaningful way to make a gift.  However, we ask that you contact our office to discuss testamentary gifts in advance.  That will help us properly meet your desired use of the funds.

An important reminder:  Your gifts to the Fairfield Community Foundation have specific tax benefits.  You may well want to discuss such gifts with your financial advisers.


You can choose the type of fund that best meets your needs . . . and it can be named for you, an organization, or someone you love.  Fund types include:

Unrestricted Funds.  Over time, community needs change.  When you set up or give to an unrestricted fund, you help the Fairfield Community Foundation best respond to these changing needs.  Our Grants Committee and Board of Trustees give you assurance that your gift will be invested wisely and awarded in the areas of most need in the community. 

Scholarship Funds.   Each year, about $100,000 of scholarships are awarded to students living in Fairfield and Fairfield Township.  If you decide to set up a scholarship fund, you designate the requirements (such as students with financial need, majoring in science, with a 3.5 GPA or higher – or students who graduated from high school A or B with no financial need planning to major in art with a GPA of 2.5 to 3.5).  A scholarship fund is an important way to invest in the future of our community and country.

Donor Advised Funds.  These special funds allow you to retain the right to recommend to the Fairfield Community Foundation which charities – anywhere in the U.S. – that you want to receive grants.  You can even recommend the amount that you’d like to see granted.  All recommendations are subject to the Board’s approval but this allows you to provide support for charities you prefer without having to set up and administer a private foundation.

Designated Funds.  If you want to support the good work of a specific not-for-profit organization, you can do so by setting up a designated fund.  Your gift to the Community Foundation to establish such a fund will mean that you can rest assured that your gift – even 50 years from now – will be used as you desire.  The Fairfield Community Foundation Board will ensure that the funds are used by that organization for the purpose you intend. And you can rest assured that the fund you set up will be invested wisely.

Field of Interest Funds.  When you set up a field of interest fund, you provide funding for a particular area of interest important to you.  For instance, if you want to support projects for recreational needs in Fairfield or art projects in Fairfield Township, your fund can be set up to do just that … forever.


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