FCF’s Mission

...To enhance and strengthen the quality of life for citizens of Greater Fairfield.

The Fairfield Community Foundation was incorporated in 1999 as a not for profit by a group of dedicated Fairfield and Fairfield Township residents. Since then, we have grown to hold nearly $3.6 million in assets. We are here "For good. Forever. For Fairfield."

We provide a way for those who care about our community to impact it positively through permanent and growing assets to respond to area needs. Through us, caring community people fund scholarships, programs, and projects to benefit education; the arts and culture; character education; historic preservation; parks, beautification and recreation; and seniors, youth and those with disabilities in Fairfield and Fairfield Township. Our aim is to connect those who care about our community with those with needs.

We offer donors a wide variety of tax-deductible options to participate in the future development of our community through charitable gifts. Whether setting up a fund to respond to a donor's desires to make our community a better place to live or providing others with a means to support important community initiatives, FCF is here to make a positive impact on locally.

Community Foundations are independent, public charities created by and for the people of a local area. We steward philanthropic resources from institutional and individual donors to community-based organizations. At present, there are nearly 800 individual Community Foundations in the U.S. and several hundred more worldwide. Ohio has the greatest number of Community Foundations in the U.S. Butler County alone has six Community Foundations, each serving a specific part of the county.

FCF works to strengthen our area by enabling people to create charitable funds addressing a wide range of interests. Basically, we help people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about. Most focus on endowment building—meaning that only a percentage of the fund's value is paid out each year in the form of grants. This allows the fund to grow and actively serve the needs of the community now and forever.

Over the past 16 years, we have awarded scholarships and grants amounting to nearly $3 million to deserving students and nonprofit organizations throughout our service area. Be it scholarships for education, grants to aid the local food pantry, distributions to support the community's performing arts, funds to develop programs that make recreation accessible to all, or money to support community events, the Fairfield Community Foundation is here to help our own community making it a better place to live.

Grants are issued from the Community Foundation's unrestricted endowments using a competitive application process three times a year. Any nonprofit organization that serves Fairfield or Fairfield Township residents may apply. In addition, more than $100,000 is given each year in the form of educational scholarships for area students to continue their education. Other funds are held for the benefit of specific organizations and grants are made to them each year. Donors may also establish Donor Advised Funds, where they retain the right to recommend which charities receive grants from those funds. Establishing a new fund (with a minimum $5,000 gift) or donating any amount to an existing fund is easy!

You may set up a fund to help our community. Simply contact the Foundation. We will work with you to develop a fund that will address the needs that are dear to your heart. It's a simple process that takes little time, but the impact you will make on our community can go on forever. Call 513.829.6355 or email linda@fairfieldcommunityfoundation.org for further information.

The Foundation is overseen by a 10-member Board which has legal and fiduciary control over all contributions received. We have adopted appropriate gift and fund acceptance policies that insure that all gifts and funds are overseen with care and handled in keeping with National Standards.